X-ray and Cone Beam Support

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X-ray and Cone Beam Support

X-ray imaging and Cone Beam provide a faster and a non-invasive way of answering many questions for dental practices. These technologies are commonly used now to plan better treatments of orthodontic issues and are considered useful in diagnosis and evaluation of complex conditions. For a dental practice owner, the use of X-ray and Cone Beam means better outcomes, enhanced treatment predictability, lesser costs and greater time saving.

HTI is a certified installer of world renowned manufacturers on X-ray and Cone Beam technology; Carestream dental and Planmeca. With time and effort, HTI has determined that certain systems integrate better with specific software solutions. Therefore, installing the right type of system can be a critical decision for most practice owners. Instead of navigating the sea of information out there, dental practice owners can seek professional help from HTI staff to install this technology for their offices. HTI professionals with their vast experience can manage this need with utmost care.

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