Backup & Disaster Recovery

Recover faster from a disaster

Backup & Disaster Recovery

HTI specializes in industry standard, state of the art and HIPAA compliant data backup solutions. HTI professionals are well aware of how to combine multiple strategies to address the needs of today’s healthcare practices.

HTI offers following backup and disaster recovery solutions to its valued clients.

HTI Online/Offsite Backup

Select from full system or data only backups.

HTI BDR– Backup/Disaster Recovery

Just having backups isn’t enough to ensure your practice stays running. HTI BDR provides a virtual stand-by server that is ready to manage events such as, a server crash or a hardware failure.

*A mandatory recommendation for all Chartless Offices

Cloud Connect

HTI’s Cloud Connect is a purpose built, fully encrypted HIPAA compliant data backup and disaster recovery solution that not only gives server backup but also ensures server availability in Cloud. Cloud Connect is specially designed for medical and dental practice owners that provide 1TB of cloud storage space to help them run smoothly and compliantly.

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