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HIPAA compliance in private healthcare practices is the single most neglected area in practice management today. Not because private practice owners are neglectful, but because there are very unreliable resources on HIPAA compliance education. High Tech Innovations has taken a very active role in, not only helping to educate the healthcare community, but to also bring very valuable HIPAA compliance tools to its customers.

Our trained specialists are well versed in all the legalities and requirements of HIPAA, the Hitech Act, and the most recent Omnibus Rule. They have devised a full proof process that covers a process from the HIPAA Risk Assessment to full HIPAA compliance. HTI’s HIPAAShield is the most comprehensive HIPAA compliance program on the market! We even included Data Breach and PCI Industry Coverage policy too!

After an initial full assessment, HTI will highlight all potential risks. For example, does that practice follow the right procedure for disposing off its sensitive patient information? Do they store files at a secured location? Is the practice backing up patient records properly?

HTI HIPAA professionals will work very closely with the client to put the appropriate safeguards in place that will not only help a practice pass an unexpected HIPAA audit, but also help ensure that patient records are NEVER compromised.

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